Alice Pellerin Vasconcelos

Franco-Portuguese freelance photographer.

Works with passion always searching for creativity and light.

Currently in Lisbon, Portugal.

Email : alice_pellerin@hotmail.com

+351 912 403 583

Professional Experience:

2019 - Exhibition at Arles Festival 2019 - Arles, France

Exhibition and projection of my project “ The Hidden Women”

2019 - Exhibition at Magnum Gallery - Paris, France

Exhibition of my project “ The Hidden Women”

2019 - Exhibition at Spéos Gallery - Paris, France

Exhibition of my project “The Hidden Women”

2019 - Photo Festival Bièvres - Bièvres, France

My project “ The Hidden Women” was awarded with the prize Jean & Andre Fage for best documentary reportage.

2018 - Analog workshop - Brisbane, Australia

I was giving analog workshops to students from Griffith University.

2018 - Short film “ Dessert” - Lisbon, Portugal

I collaborated with Martim David Gomes for the creation of his short film “Dessert”, award winner of the North Hollywood Cinefest.

2017 - Exhibition While Away - Lisbon, Portugal

After traveling for four months around the world just with my analog camera, i decided when i came back to create an exhibition with all my photos from my voyage.

2016 - Press photographer for Lusa Agency - Lisbon, Portugal

I became an intern at the agency for six months, then they decided to hire me as a press photographer for two years.


2018-2019 : Spéos International School, located in Paris, France.

Program : Degree in Creative documentary photography with Magnum Agency.

RNCP Diploma

2013-2016 : Professional School of Photography, located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Program : 3 year degree in photography

High school diploma in photography