The Hidden women

 This project is about five homeless women that have been hiding in the shadows of the big metropolitan city. Forgotten by society they fight to find the light for a life with freedom and happiness.

365 days of survival, hoping for a job and a home.


Jean & André Fage Award 2019

2nd place at Speos School Paris for best photo reportage project

Exhibition dates : 

22 - 23 May 2019 at Speos School Paris 

8 Rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris 

12 - 21 June 2019 at Magnum Agency Paris

19 Rue Hégésippe Moreau, 75018 Paris 

1 - 7 July 2019 at Festival Arles 

L’Atelier, 7 Rue de la Liberaté, Arles